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Meet the Team behind the scenes

Roy Stephenson, Owner

Roy Stephenson

The company was started by Roy in 2008 with the development of Brompton Lakes and subsequently, since his son William joined him in the business, further properties have been added to the collection, now marketed as Holiday at Home. Roy's attention to detail shows throughout the business and he continues to take an active part in day to day activities. 

William Stephenson, General Manager

William Stephenson

Will joined his father in the business in 2012 and has had hands on experience in all aspects of the company. He was closely involved in the Holly House Farm project, as well as managing the 30 Frenchgate refurbishment and has more recently taken over the role of General Manager, where he continues to grow the business under the Holiday at Home umbrella.

Kate Richardson , Reception and Bookings

Kate Richardson

Kate looks after all guest bookings and reception and is usually the first point of contact for guests. She always knows what's going on and as she has lived in the area for many years she has a wealth of knowledge about the local area and is happy to make recommendations.

After work Kate enjoys: 'Motorsport and Carriage driving' 

Charlotte Sanders-Yeomans, Marketing Executive

Charlotte Sanders-Yeomans

Charlotte joined Holiday at Home in 2014, bringing with her a degree in Marketing and a wealth of experience working mainly in the fashion industry in London and New York. She has recently moved back to the area and has a keen interest in photography and social media. 

Charlotte can most likely be found: 'taking photos of the wildlife in the lakes'

Sarah Metcalfe, Accounts and Administration

Sarah Metcalfe

All organisations need good people behind the scenes making sure things function properly.  As a former air stewardess and recruitment consultant, Sarah looks after the many administrative functions which keep things running smoothly. 

After work Sarah enjoys: 'being with her family, swimming and the odd shopping spree' 

Tracy Rooke, Housekeeper

Tracy Rooke

Lots of time and hard work goes into the preparation of the lodges and Tracy has the important job of making them as close to perfect as possible before guests arrive. As well as overseeing the cleaning team and checking the lodges have been prepared to our guests individual requirements, she is on hand throughout your stay, anything you need just ask.

Tracy enjoys: 'putting together the welcome hampers for all of the guests' 

Tom Redman, Maintenance

Tom Redman

Tom's role is to keep on top of property maintenance and to make sure everything is in full working order. He also also helps to keep the grounds and estate looking neat and tidy throughout the year and, as a keen fisherman, looks after the lakes and the fishing side of things, so feel free to ask him for snippets of advice!

Craig Watkinson, Maintenance

Craig Watkinson

Craig joined us in 2013 bringing a wealth of experience, he is adept at fixing just about anything and is a key member of the property maintenance team. With 20 lodges and several other properties to keep up to 5 star standard this is a demanding role, adaptability being a strong point! Craigs hobbies include paintballing, frequent cinema trips and looking after his motor bike. 

Craig can be found: 'On the West side of Brompton Lakes' 

Peter Horsley, Gardener

Peter Horsley

Peter's job is to make sure the grounds are kept in good order, no easy task when you have several acres of gardens, lawns and woodland to look after!  He has a wide knowledge and expertise in all things horticultural and lends a hand to the maintenance team when the pressure is on.

Pete's favourite thing to do is: 'cut the grass at all of our properties'

Lola and Fifty, Office Guard Dogs

Lola and Fifty

Meet the Team behind the scenes Meet the Team behind the scenes Meet the Team behind the scenes Meet the Team behind the scenes

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